Café Quartz Releases Brand New Colours

  |   Industry News

Café Quartz has released 2 exciting new colours, increasing its contemporary product offering to consumers and designers from 6 to 8.


Pavlova and Snow Flake have been added to the existing Café Quartz range, extending the brand’s range of contemporary, white, engineered quartz designs.



Snowflake is a feminine, gentle white quartz surface with medium graining.  With consistent movement across each slab, Snowflake provides a light, stylish finish for your home interiors.



Pavlova is a white, fashionable material that carries the spirit of marble, while still being durable enough to be used in the kitchen and bathroom areas.  Moderate, cloudy movement and grey lowlights create a versatile surface that oozes sophistication.


Café Quartz now comes with an exciting 15 year product warranty.  Homeowners are encouraged to register their warranty upon installing Café Quartz surfaces at


Please contact your nearest International Slab Sales distributor for further information or to view slabs.